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Dear Graduates,

Hello! Hope you are all doing fine.

I was just lucky to meet some of you during the visit of the President at Girlstown last November 3.

A little bit surprised seeing some who were before just like children -- running around, playing, and enjoying learning in their classrooms -- turned into grown up persons: professionals and committed parents. Some are still singles (for Christ?) but responsible citizens.

Looking at you enjoying each other's company, I felt the presence of Fr. Al, proudly watching all of you with a fatherly smile.

Remember his saying, "You are not created to be fat little ducks waddling in the mud, but to be eagles destined to rise above to explore the world of God."

Now, let us explore God's world by offering Him a spiritual bouquet:

Like: (A) Holy Mass (1925 likes)
Like: (B) Confession (210 likes)
Like: (C) Holy Eucharist (1205 likes)
Like: (D) Holy Rosary (2150 likes)
Like: (E) Spiritual Readings (1115 likes)
Like: (F) Almsgiving (1075 likes)
Like: (G) Marriage Validation Cases (for those who are living with partners without the sacrament of Matrimony) (154 likes)

Note: Please contribute your spiritual bouquet by liking an option (or options). Each like means five contributions except for B and G.

This invitation is for ALL, which will start from November 23, feast of Christ the King, until March 2, 2015.

Let us join our prayers for the salvation of souls, for the peaceful and blessed visit of the Holy Father to our country, for the Cause of Fr. Al, for our preparation for Advent Season, and of course, for your personal intentions.

If you have great confidence, ask boldly from our generous God, and your request will be granted.

God bless you all! Mama Mary loves you! Keep on praying!

Sr. Tess



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